Shenzhen Little Bird Convenes Conclusion Meeting for Women Migrant Workers’ Urban Integration Projec

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Shenzhen Little Bird Convenes Conclusion Meeting for Women Migrant Workers’ Urban Integration Project

 At 10:30 a.m. on November 25th, 2012, the Shenzhen Little Bird successfully convened a wrap-up meeting for the Women Migrant Workers’ Urban Integration Project.  

Among the honored guests attending this meeting was program evaluator and associate professor at the Sun Yat-sen University Law School, Professor Lu Ying. Nearly 30 representatives were invited to the meeting, including those from the Shenzhen Qingcao Workers’ Growth Services Center, the Shenzhen Dalang Little Grass Volunteers, the Sihai Workers Association, and the Hand-in-Hand Workers’ Activity Center. Representatives of female workers, volunteer lawyers and other Little Bird volunteers were also in attendance.
Little Bird founder Wei Wei hosted the meeting, giving a clear, concise summary of the program’s progress and outcomes. He also shared some of the experiences Little Bird had learned during the project implementation. After Mr. Wei’s remarks, other experts shared their views. Mr. XuDejun spoke on his own experience in public service as a volunteer lawyer. Several labor NGO representatives talked about their organizations’ growth and development. Female migrant workers also spoke of their impressions of the program and the benefits they gained. The women also shared their experiences after having participated in Little Bird’s activities. Being on such good terms with the participants, female migrant workers’ representative Liu Hongjiao gave sincere and heartfelt remarks, bringing the conference to its climax. 
At the end, Professor Lu summarized her evaluation of the program. Through survey analysis, and on-site visits and inspections, she affirmed the effectiveness of the program. She also provided guiding suggestions for future development of the program. She also shared her views on how migrant workers integrate into cities, based on her extensive experience as a professor. In addition, she provided advice to attending NGO representatives on how to help their NGOs grow.

During the meeting, Mr. Wei Wei, the founder of Little Bird, gave away copies of his book, “Casting Fate Away”, a record of Little Bird’s founding and development, published by the Peoples’ Daily Press. He also distributed copies of the “Handbook on Migrant Workers’ Urban Integration” to the participants.

The Women Migrant Workers’ Urban Integration Project aims to help female migrant workers acclimate to life in the city. The project was financed by Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst e.V. (EED) and began on December 1st, 2010, and ended on November 30th, 2012. 


Distributing the brochure on urban integration to women migrant workers



Distributing the handbook on urban integration to women migrant workers


Women migrant workers’ urban integration training



Wei Wei, the Founder of Little Bird, is making a presentation at the project conclusion meeting. 


a woman migrant worker is sharing her feelings about the urban integration project and moved to tears.



Group photo for the participants at the project conclusion meeting





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